Operating Systems Fundamentals Registration

Course Overview:

Gives basic information about`the important concepts of operating systems, process management, memory management, file systems, input/output management and CPU Scheduling.

Being Creative Duration Study Load:

  • 18 Hours
  • The Outlines:

* What is an operating system?

* Operating system history

* Computer system structure:

o Computer-System Operation.

o I/O Structure.

o Storage Structure.

o Storage Hierarchy.

o Hardware Protection.

*Operating System structures

o System Components.

o Operating-System Services.

o System Calls.


o Process Concept.

o Process Scheduling.

o Operation on Processes.

o Cooperating Processes.

*CPU Scheduling

o Basic Concepts.

o Scheduling Criteria.

o Scheduling Algorithms.


o System Model.

o Deadlock Characterization.

o Methods for Handling Deadlocks.

o Deadlock Prevention.

o Recovery from Deadlock.

*Memory Management

o Logical versus Physical Address Space.

o Swapping.

o Contiguous Allocation.

o Paging.

o Segmentation.

o Segmentation with Paging.

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