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IT solutions & Application

The beginning was the beginning of the millennium when the information technology field is Knocking doors in Upper Egypt for the first time  by various colleges and institutes related to the field, we all follow the new light that penetrated our closed planet and gave us great hope that it is the gate of hope for Upper Egypt to get out of the silo and contact the world, This made the real measure of the person in the labor market is his skills and experience with breaking the barrier of place and time, which was a hindrance to a lot of youth of Upper Egypt to achieve their goals.

we have begun to take the first steps in the world of information technology, we do not say that the subject was easy or that the road was paved for our dreams because we were really very tired to can each one of us achieve part of his ambition in the digital world, and during our trip we spotted a lot of The problems, obstacles and weak points facing the market in Upper Egypt, and because we are continuing, we decided to have a positive role and we contribute to solving these obstacles to pave the way for the youth of Upper Egypt to engage in the field of information technology and to raise awareness of the importance of the role of IT in the management of institutions and work to raise its performance and Improved rates Production in the Business sector.

This was the main reason for the establishment of EgyApp Company in order to invest our previous experiences to create a new environment of creativity and development in Upper Egypt in the field of information technology through working on a number of important axes in the field:


  • Software development (desktop, web and mobile applications)
  • Developing technical solutions for organizations and companies
  • Technical support and solutions to infrastructure and information security problems and applications
  • Digital marketing
  • Training and qualification
  • Graphic designs
  • Consultation and R&D studies

Because our aim at the end is to provide the best technical solution for institutions and individuals no less efficient than any international institution, we sought during the establishment of Egy App we are an accredited institution of the largest institutions in the field of information technology such as:

  • National Education Network
  • Assuit University

and we provide certified exams from more than organization, such as:

  • Cisco
  • EC-Council
  • CompATI

…..and the provision of certified tests for the teacher staff – ELITS

That is the starting …From the heart of Upper Egypt, which will be the starting point of our technical solutions throughout Egypt and beyond.